A Leadership Speaker
Aligned with Your Goals
Scott brings a wealth of experience, a depth of insight, and a commitment to excellence that makes a memorable impact on every audience.
Speeches curated for each audience.
Driven by a deep and authentic desire to inspire others to improve, Scott tailors the messaging and tone of each speech to the organization. The audience is spoken with, not talked at; thereby increasing their investment in the motivational ideas and leadership tools he imparts.
Presentations that connect, engage and inspire improvement.
These are the three basic ideas underpinning each speech. He connects with the organization by researching and interviewing them. He engages with the audience with his dynamic presence. He inspires improvement with vivid stories of sacrifice and perseverance.
Leadership-focused content.
The purpose of Scott's speeches is to help an organization achieve goals set out for itself. Regardless of the specifics, the content of Scott's speeches are unified in their focus on building leadership qualities in individuals and organizations.
Subject area expert on military matters.
With his decades-long career in Marines, including fighting some of the toughest battles in modern urban warfare, Scott has a firsthand understanding of the military and combat that few possess. He speaks with authority on the armed forces and related matters, including decentralized leadership and mentoring.
Engaging corporate, military, non-profit and university audiences.
While Scott often speaks to military and emergency response groups, he has conveyed his message on leadership and goal attainment to audiences of all types and all sizes. His ability to bring to life stories of sacrifice on and off the battlefield makes an impact on military personnel and civilians alike, and serves as a significant learning experience for people from all walks of life.
Young America's Foundation
Nixon Library
Young America's Foundation
Nixon Library
"Scott has a presence that is unrivaled. Whether leading his men in combat, mentoring young Marines or soldiers, or sharing his years of knowledge to help Veterans succeed - his energy and passion for helping others is what sets him apart from the pack."

Jack Coughlin GySgt USMC (Ret)
Bronze Star Recipient | U.S. Marine Corps Sniper
New York Times Best Selling Author
"I have listened to Scott speak with passion and conviction for over a decade about leadership. His ability to connect with audiences of any kind is what sets him apart. His experiences and stories have an everlasting impact on those who are fortunate to listen to him speak."

Nick Velez
President and Co-Founder, Save the Brave
Entrepreneur, Businessman & Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran
"Major Huesing was fabulous to work with and was a perfect speaker for our audience. His speaking style and message were profound and impactful for all in attendance. Major Huesing is the kind of speaker that makes promoting our mission powerful. He was a delight to work with and someone we'd love to work with again in the future."

Tom Robinson
Development Officer
Young America's Foundation
"Scott Huesing is that rare combination of someone who can both do and teach. When people leave after one of his presentations, I can feel their renewed purpose and their obvious feeling that they have gained leadership tools unlike they'd get from any other speaker. I've been where Scott has been, but in a different time and place. Yet, every time I listen to one of his presentations, I learn something about not only leadership, but myself."

Karl Marlantes
Decorated Vietnam War Veteran & Best-Selling Author
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