Scott Huesing
An experienced speaker applying his leadership skills as a Marine infantry major to inspire organizations of all types towards success.
Scott Huesing
An experienced speaker
applying his leadership skills as a Marine infantry major to inspire organizations of all types towards success.
"There is no such thing as combat leadership
just leadership."
Scott A. Huesing is a proven leader. He has spent his life conquering adversity and leading others to do the same. During his 24 years of service as a US Marine, he advanced through the ranks from enlisted soldier to a commissioned officer. His career spanned ten deployments and countless operations in over 60 countries. Scott served in some of the most dangerous places on the planet, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. He successfully planned and led his men through hundreds of combat missions.
Major Scott Huesing, USMC (Ret), is most proud of leading those in his command in Echo Company, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines — one of the most esteemed and highly decorated infantry units in modern urban warfare.
Echo Company served in the deadliest city in Iraq - Ramadi. They were engaged in brutal combat daily against an elusive enemy. Their time there was defined by bloody firefights, volatile raids, and surviving unknown chaos in a world filled with most certain danger. Through it all - their camaraderie, training, discipline, and commitment to one simple but powerful leadership philosophy Scott instilled in his Marines:
"We will train hard,
we will fight,
and we will win."
Scott's goal was that the 250 young men under his command would have these words to fall back on, remember, and guide them when the most difficult decisions arose.

He cuts through the noise, honing in on goals, and communicates an objective-oriented message that is easy to remember and refer back to even in the most trying of circumstances. The underlying belief is that true leaders demonstrate their integrity and potential not when told what to do - but when they forge ahead with individual determination based on clear principles.
Leadership Is Improvement,
Not Change

The message — leadership is improvement, not change — is the core of what Scott shares with every team he leads. It is not about radical change but steady improvement that makes units and organizations the best they can be.

Scott applies his leadership-building method when speaking to any organization — first by researching the organization and learning their desired areas of improvement. He shares his vast experience tailored to every audience. Every talk and every lesson laced with the goal that organizations can see things through Scott's lens and then apply that to improve their team.

When your team seeks brass tacks progress, like improved productivity or understanding and creating a strong culture, Scott creates an impact through his presence. His essential goal is to make audience engagement a priority.

The key question he asks organizations is, "What do you want to improve?" Rather than, "What do you want to change?"

This distinction is subtle but profound. By inspiring improvement instead of encouraging change, the tone is aspirational. More importantly, there is a greater audience buy-in for the goal — to win.

For Scott, it is just about being authentic and transparent. Just as he led thousands of Marines, he commands audiences towards improvement by embodying excellence and relaying his personal stories of service. Audiences can listen to what he has to say, but they have to do the next step on their own — to care. To find ways to apply what they gain from Scott's wins and losses in their work and lives.
Scott's Testimonials
"Major Huesing is an incredibly dynamic speaker who paints a scarily vivid picture of the battle scene abroad and its effects on our heroes defending the front lines — he "brings it home" so-to-speak and always energizes the large crowds of patriots who attend the Nixon Presidential Library's programs and events each time he is invited to participate."

Chris Nordyke
Vice President of External Affairs
Richard Nixon Foundation
"I've been coordinating our Memorial Day Observance for almost 20 years and I can say with full conviction that it will be hard to find a presenter that can match Scott Huesing and the impact he made on the lives of over 5,000 in attendance that day."

Jennifer C. Olvera
Special Events Director
Green Hills Memorial Park
"Scott is a dynamic communicator whose career as a US Marine and leader makes him a superlative guest speaker on military and national security topics. His style is that of a guy who is a true subject-matter expert yet is always able to make a topic accessible and understandable to civilians and laymen, and, more importantly, is always energetic and entertaining."

Ross Kaminsky
Award-winning Host | The Ross Kaminsky Show
iHeart Media | KHOW Denver
"Scott Huesing is a dynamic speaker with an incredible story to tell. Honest, forthright, and with a dry sense of humor, he is able to describe events in a way that paints a poignant picture of the tremendous sacrifices made by the best young people that our nation has to offer. You will enjoy listening to him, and you will be inspired by the Marines whose story he tells."

General Gary L. Thomas, USMC
35th Assistant Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
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